Vimeo Glassdoor – Working at Vimeo on

You can get information about Vimeo Jobs on Glassdoor. Vimeo is video software that enables users to discover, create, sell, share or sell Videos online. It was developed by filmmakers and is an easy way to create and share high-quality videos via

Opportunities are also available for individuals to work in this software company and you can find them on Glassdoor. In this post, you will get more details about Vimeo careers and lots more.

Vimeo Glassdoor - Working at Vimeo on
Vimeo Glassdoor – Working at Vimeo on

Vimeo Glassdoor

Regardless of the budget, teams, organizations and professionals can use videos effectively with Vimeo. Although it’s a video platform, there are so many job positions that will help you advance your career path. Some of them include account management, customer support, engineering, marketing and lots more. Application for this job positions are also open.

Vimeo Glassdoor Careers

Are you looking for a Job at Vimeo? If yes, you should read through this section of the article. There are so many careers that are available for application. These careers are listed below:

  • Financial Systems Manager.
  • Social Media Manager.
  • Vice President, Digital Media.
  • Director of Events
  • Account Manager.
  • Product Analyst.
  • Account Executive.
  • Paid Media Manger.
  • Director of Marketing operations.
  • Product marketing manager.

Basically, these and many more are the available job opportunities at Vimeo that you can use to advance your career. More so, you can learn more about these open positions, their salaries and application on Glassdoor at

Vimeo Glassdoor Interview

After you have applied for a Job at Vimeo, you may be contacted for an interview based on your qualifications. This interview varies based on the job you applied for. It can be over the phone or in person. Some employees reported they received an introductory call followed by a tech call. The interviews will not be difficult provided you prepare in advance and you may be asked to make a presentation.

Vimeo Glassdoor Review

The reviews so far about Glassdoor jobs are quite impressive. Vimeo is a good company to work with and the benefits offered are good. The work environment is productive and creative. The Human Resources department is also amazing and employees enjoy teamwork.

Therefore, the job is also flexible and employees have the ability to talk to a lot of verticals. It is also reported that employees enjoy free food and drinks. Generally, Vimeo is a good place to work and the work culture is great.

Vimeo Employee Benefits

Vimeo is one of the best places to work in the USA. Furthermore, this company offers amazing perks and benefits. As an employee at Vimeo, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Paid time off for vacation.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Free snacks and food.
  • Medical and dental coverage’s.
  • 401K retirement plan.

Precisely, the above and many more are the benefits that employees at Vimeo enjoy. They also enjoy Flexible spending accounts, Health Insurance, and lots more.

Vimeo Glassdoor Salaries

The salary that employees earn at Vimeo depends on their job roles. For those under the sales department, the salary is based on the sales they make. Also, apart from the salary, employees get tips and other bonuses. You can learn more about this at

Therefore, vimeo is one of the best video software platforms in the world. It is also one of the best places to works in due to the compensation benefits, culture, and diversity.


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