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Real teacher feedback improves Khanmigo, an AI-driven teacher assistant

Since the launch of Khanmigo, our AI-powered teaching assistant, we have actively sought input from teachers like you in order to fine-tune the program so it would become an indispensable tool in your teaching routine. Time is a teacher’s most limited resource, and Khanmigo is here to help you reclaim it.

Imagine a world where lesson planning becomes effortless and where you can co-create learning objectives, rubrics, and exit tickets. Khamigo blends Khan Academy’s world-class content with the power of artificial intelligence.

Your feedback has been the driving force behind the enhancements we have made to Khanmigo and helps us make sure the program truly meets your needs so you can excel in the classroom. Check out the seven game-changing improvements we have implemented based on your real-world classroom experience.

1) Immerse yourself in your students’ journeys by toggling to student mode.

Experience Khanmigo from your students’ perspectives by switching to “student mode.” Gain invaluable insights into their learning journeys and make informed instructional decisions with ease.

2) Explore a streamlined user interface for effortless navigation.

We have simplified Khanmigo’s interface by reducing wordiness and streamlining action bubbles. Now, you can seamlessly navigate the platform and save yourself valuable time and effort.

3) Find Khanmigo when and where you need it.

We have made Khanmigo features appear wherever teachers need them, whether it’s on the Activities page or inside Teacher Tools. This provides a more intuitive and convenient experience.

4) Gain comprehensive insights with Improved Class Progress Snapshot.

Khanmigo now presents class progress data in visually appealing and informative tables. Identify areas where students may be struggling and intervene effectively to support their learning journeys.

5) Foster inclusive discussions with enhanced moderation.

We understand the importance of fostering an inclusive and safe learning environment. Our refined moderation system ensures that students are not flagged for engaging in legitimate educational discussions about difficult topics.

6) Onboard to Khanmigo in a seamless way.

Kickstart your Khanmigo journey with our comprehensive onboarding video. Step-by-step guidance and demonstrations will equip you with the knowledge you need to make the most of Khanmigo’s powerful features and functionalities.

7) Explore the power of GPT-4 with unmoderated chat experience.

Teachers now have access to the “Chat with GPT-4” activity, allowing them to engage in more unmoderated conversations. This feature promotes open dialogue and exploration for teachers.

These enhancements are just some of the ways in which Khanmigo can transform your teaching. Khanmigo, your always-available teaching assistant, is ready to elevate your classroom experience. 

Get Khanmigo today to discover the true potential of an AI-powered teaching assistant. We hope you’ll become a part of the growing community of teachers who are transforming education today.




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