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Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorships – Apply Now

Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorships. These are available jobs in Canada that do not require any educational qualification. Hence a job start up job for foreigners wanting to relocate to Canada, especially Nigerians and Africans.

Who is a Housekeeper?

A housekeeper is a person responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of a private residence or a commercial establishment. Their duties may include cleaning and organizing rooms, doing laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and performing other household tasks.

Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorships - Apply Now
Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorships – Apply Now


In a private household, a housekeeper often works directly for the homeowner or family and may be responsible for various aspects of household management. This can include cleaning, meal preparation, managing household budgets, and overseeing other domestic staff if applicable.

In a commercial setting, like a hotel or a resort, a housekeeper is typically responsible for cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, common areas, and other parts of the establishment.

Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorships

Housekeepers play a crucial role in ensuring that a living space or establishment is kept clean, organized, and comfortable for its occupants or guests. Their responsibilities can vary depending on the specific needs and expectations of their employer or the establishment they work for.

Responsibilities of a Housekeeper in Canada

The responsibilities of a housekeeper can vary depending on the specific requirements of the household or establishment they work for. Here is a general list of duties that a housekeeper might be responsible for. Below you can find the full guide.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing: This includes tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors, and cleaning surfaces in all rooms of the house or establishment.
  • Making Beds: Changing and making beds is a common task for housekeepers, particularly in hotels and private residences.
  • Doing Laundry and Ironing: This involves washing, drying, folding, and sometimes ironing clothes, linens, and other fabrics.
  • Managing Household Supplies: Housekeepers may be responsible for keeping track of cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other household necessities. They might also be in charge of replenishing these items when needed.
  • Kitchen Maintenance: This includes tasks like washing dishes, cleaning appliances, countertops, and ensuring that the kitchen is organized.
  • Meal Preparation: Some housekeepers may be responsible for preparing meals, which can range from simple breakfasts to more complex dinners.
  • Grocery Shopping: In some cases, housekeepers might be tasked with shopping for groceries and other household supplies.

Other Responsibilities of a Housekeeper

  • Organizing and Tidying Up: This involves decluttering, organizing, and maintaining a neat and tidy living space.
  • Managing Household Budget: In some cases, housekeepers may be responsible for managing household expenses, including paying bills and budgeting for supplies.
  • Specialized Cleaning Tasks: This could involve tasks like cleaning delicate or valuable items, caring for artwork, or performing specialized cleaning procedures.
  • Managing Other Domestic Staff: In larger households, a housekeeper might be responsible for supervising and coordinating other domestic staff, such as gardeners, nannies, or drivers.
  • Handling Guests (in a hospitality setting): For housekeepers working in hotels or resorts, their duties might include assisting guests with special requests, ensuring rooms are properly stocked, and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.
  • Reporting Maintenance Issues: Housekeepers are often the first to notice any maintenance or repair issues in a household, and they may be responsible for reporting these problems to the appropriate parties.
  • Maintaining Confidentiality: In private residences, housekeepers may be privy to sensitive information, so maintaining confidentiality and respecting privacy is crucial.

It’s important to note that the specific responsibilities of a housekeeper can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the household or establishment, the preferences of the employer, and any special requirements or circumstances. Additionally, in some cases, housekeepers may have additional duties beyond those listed here.

 Housekeeper Jobs in Canada Benefits

Pulled from the full job description

  1. 401(k)
  2. 401(k) matching
  3. Commuter assistance
  4. Dental insurance
  5. Employee assistance program
  6. Employee discount
  7. Family leave
  8. Flexible spending account
  9. Health insurance
  10. Health savings account
  11. Also, you will get Paid time off
  12. Pet insurance
  13. Referral program
  14. Vision insurance
  15. Wellness Program

How to Apply for Housekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

One of the most important part of this article is to learn How to apply for food processing jobs as an anticipating immigrant. Well, the fun part of this is that you will be getting a job and a free visa as well.

However, this will be possible when you have applied for a job and have gotten a job offer in your name from any company. Therefore, to apply for a visa you have to follow the steps below

  • Basically, this first thing is to make sure you are qualified for the job physically and mentally.
  • Then set up an organized CV and a good cover application letter digitally.
  • Therefore, you can use any online platform such as, and other online job platforms to search for job in this field in the US.
  • Therefore, after you are through with this, you will have to wait for the employer to access your documents. So, if they find you qualified for the job, they wail then send you a job offer.
  • Furthermore, the employer will have to make a job petition to the USICS and US labor market institute for certification.

Next, the company will then apply for a visa sponsorship with the job offer letter sent to you in your name.



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