Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

You need to get any of the Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business if you are a business owner. Businesses need backups more than most, but choosing a service like can be challenging.

Basically, you can select a service provider who fulfills your requirements and your budget with the aid of this guide to the best cloud backup for small businesses.

Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business
Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

A technique for transferring a copy of a physical or virtual file or database to a secondary, off-site location for preservation in the event of equipment failure or disaster is known as cloud backup. It is also called online backup or remote backup.

Cloud data backup can be implemented to support a company’s data security plan without adding to the workload of the IT team. The labor-saving advantage might be substantial and worthy of consideration to outweigh some of the extra expenses related to cloud backup, such as data transmission fees.

Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

Despite the fact that there are many cloud backup options available for private use, many of them don’t provide specific corporate solutions. Even those that do frequently add business functions as an afterthought, which makes them unsuitable for use in a professional setting.

Check out our list of the best online backup providers, which includes backup services aimed at individual users, if your company is small enough that you don’t need capabilities like multiple users, groups, or rules. You can also have a look at our comparison table for company cloud storage or our guide to the best cloud storage for teams.

Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis Cyber Backup also works with a variety of hardware, software, and operating systems. This includes Windows XP and Vista as well as VMware suites. You can create as many users as you like, group them together. Also, configure policies and rights for your users in bulk using the comprehensive management panel.

Basically, this does not support multi threading by Acronis. Also, Acronis uploads and downloads files in a respectable amount of time. Despite the lack of numerous threads, so this isn’t really reflection in its speed.

Backblaze for Business

One of the most well-known backup options available is Backblaze, and for good reason. It comes in first on our list of the best-unlimited backups. It offers a quick and simple method for backing up all of the data on your smartphone. However, it is also very rigid, and user management is at best minimal. Making it less appealing to small organizations than it is to individual users.

Backblaze is not the best option if you’re searching for a backup solution that makes it simple for you to pick and choose which files to upload.

You have to go through the procedure backward, providing exclusions for everything you don’t want to upload. Therefore, this is good rather than selecting each files you want to backup.

BigMIND Business

The same business that owns Zoolz also owns BigMIND Business. As a result, the user interface is essentially identical, which is good because it makes it simple to operate. Although NAS devices are not supported, the business edition offers server backup, which the standard home edition lacks.

Additionally missing is disk imaging, however, the program does allow you to back up mobile devices. Multi threading, throttling, and block-level file copying are all available in addition to the regular scheduling options.


Carbonite is easy to use and offers thorough data center protection. This cloud data service offers limitless storage, comes with backup software, and can be configured to run continuously in the background.

If you activate Carbonite’s continuous backup option. it will only back up newly you create. Also, it will modify files, which will use less bandwidth. The business maintains encryption, but permits you to set an encryption key also. Therefore, allowing you complete access and enabling one-click file restoration.

Zoolz Business

Another great option for small organizations that require data backup to the cloud from a variety of devices is Zoolz. Which is another cloud backup provider. Additionally, it has strong security and privacy features and is quite simple to use.

Business users of Zoolz are not be hold down to cold storage. In contrast to personal Zoolz users, so you can instantly retrieve your data from the cloud. More so, you will improve versioning significantly. Because you have full access to deleted and modified files, which is another difference between the two.

Zoolz offers an unlimited number of devices. Although, it has a cap on the amount of online backup storage you may use. The prices range from $15 per month for 1TB of storage to $750 per month for 50TB. This indicates that Zoolz is on the pricey side of things. But if you want internet backup for a significant number of devices, it may be worthwhile.

The top cloud backup programs can assist you in preventing data loss. Each of these services regularly replicates the data from your computer (or even several PCs) to cloud storage servers located elsewhere in the world. These servers are accessible from anyplace with an internet connection.

You should have cloud backup since you can’t always rely on local backup drives to keep your data safe. However, flood can still destroy it, fire, or theft even with an external backup drive connected to your PC. More so, acting as a stand-alone backup device on your home network, leaving you with nothing.


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