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American White Pelican – World Migratory Chook Day Species

American White Pelican is a very distinctive bird, beautiful and has so many amazing character to back up its existence. Therefore, all its activities and way of hunting is something we can call exceptional.

American White Pelican

American White Pelican

Important Indicators

  • Widespread identify: American White Pelican
  • Latin identify: Pelecanus erythrorhynchos
  • Vary: In the course of the summer time their breeding grounds span elements of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, in addition to elements of the northern United States. When fall arrives they migrate in the direction of their wintering grounds situated alongside the Japanese and western coasts of the southern United States and Mexico.3
  • Common Lifespan: 12 to 30 years4
  • Measurement: Size of 127-165 cm with a wingspan of 244-290 cm, sometimes weighs 4500-9000 g2
  • Inhabitants estimate: 100,000 to 200,000 in Canada1

The Information

The American White Pelican is likely one of the largest birds native to North America. In the summertime they reside and breed on islands and shallow wetlands within the inside of the continent, whereas throughout winter they migrate towards the southern North American coasts.

The American White Pelican is generally white, with black feathers alongside the sting of their wings. Their lengthy yellow-orange invoice can generally be seen with a small bump on the tip of its invoice.

This bump, or caruncle, grows annually throughout mating season for each female and male pelicans and helps them appeal to a mate. As soon as mating season ends, the caruncle falls off and shall be regrown once more earlier than the subsequent yr’s mating season.2

When breeding, the American White Pelican makes their nests in nesting colonies close to different pelicans on islands in freshwater and saline lakes. The feminine will lay two eggs, though normally, just one sibling survives after it harasses the opposite.

After hatching, the younger pelicans will reside within the nest for 2 to a few weeks earlier than leaving, though the dad and mom nonetheless forage for them for a while after.3

The American White Pelican’s weight loss plan primarily consists of fish and different small creatures they’ll discover, comparable to crayfish. They forage extra typically at evening and use the expandable pouch of their invoice to scoop up fish earlier than consuming them.3

About the American White Pelican

The American White Pelican is taken into account to be a species at low threat of changing into endangered. Their numbers have been on a gradual incline since across the Seventies. Earlier than that, they have been below menace from people for a number of causes.

Their breeding grounds have been being disturbed on account of human enlargement and leisure actions. They’ve additionally confronted declines up to now on account of habitat loss attributable to water administration and pesticide contamination.

They have been additionally regularly hunted for sport as a result of it was thought that they competed with people for fish. We’ve got since realized they sometimes eat fish that maintain little industrial worth to people, and the speed at which they’ve been hunted has tremendously decreased.2

What you are able to do

Whereas at the moment, their numbers are rising, the American White Pelican faces lots of the similar dangers that different waterfowl are going through. Of their case, since they’re concentrated at nesting colonies throughout the breeding season, they’re in danger extra so than different species of falling sufferer to illness outbreaks, climate occasions, and habitat loss.

In Canada, the American White Pelican has been recognized as a precedence for conservation and stewardship methods. Surroundings Canada goals to take care of their present numbers by habitat safety and cautious inhabitants monitoring.1

With that being mentioned, advocating for the conservation of wetlands in Canada, and the advocation for the conservation of nature, on the whole, is an effective way to assist the American White Pelican.

It’s also possible to become involved with a neighborhood Chook Workforce in your neighborhood to work in the direction of changing into Chook Pleasant Metropolis Licensed or host and take part in an upcoming World Migratory Chook Day occasion close to you!


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This mission was undertaken with the monetary assist of the Authorities of Canada by the federal Division of Surroundings and Local weather Change.

Ce projet a été réalisé avec l’appui financier du gouvernement du Canada agissant par l’entremise du ministère fédéral de l’Environnement et du Changement climatique.

Environment and Climate Change Canada



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